Divorce Essay

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Divorce can destroy family

Not too long ago, “divorce” was forbidden, unaccepted, unheard of, difficult to get, and considered as an act of sin among married couples. Many changes in the last fifty-years have affected marriage and divorce rates. The rise of the women’s liberation movement, the advent of the sexual revolution, and an increase in women’s labor force participation altered perceptions of gender roles. As of today, in “modern society” divorce has become more acceptable. The guilt and shame of the old divorce laws are gone. More couples are separated and divorcing is becoming part of the norm. (MLR) Divorce can be one of the most painful topics and the most talked about in the modern world. When a marriage is not working, …show more content…

The effects of a divorce can take an emotional toll on a person as much as a financial burden. There can be temporary effects to long lasting effects on the family. Divorce is emotionally devastating for most people. It forces us to kill “our dreams” when we are married to our mate. Often at times, we envision the “white picket fence” and growing old with that person and we never see divorce as an option. So, when the end result is divorce it can be the ultimate rejection, because we feel like we are being rejected by the one person that would “never hurt us”. Divorce is a type of death, and we need to grieve the loss such as we do a death. In a divorce, we can also lose our confidence. At times, we often feel like we have failed as a wife or husband, and that sometimes leads to “rebound” relationships where we can fall into a relationship right away, not choosing someone that is healthy. (Swaity) When getting a divorce, it can also lead to loss of friends and family. When you get a divorce, you are also divorcing your partner’s family. Divorce often makes your family and friends feel like they need to choose and take sides. Married couples often have couple friends that you usually do stuff with, so when a divorce happens they don't know what to say so they stay away. Divorce is expensive in many ways. There are legal costs of obtaining a divorce. While married, couples usually accumulate assets so that has to be divided. And when there are children

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