Essay on Divorce: The Separation of the Inseparable

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Love is the number one reason for marriage, even having Valentine’s Day to celebrate love. Yet Americans for Divorce Reform (ADR) estimate that, “Probably, 40 or possibly even 50 percent of marriages will end in divorce if current trends continue" (Colleen). The ADR also shows the divorce rates between Christians and non-Christians are indistinguishable. Even worse, Christians divorcing their spouses are distorting the Bible in order to justify their actions. Christians must be called to a higher standard in regards to divorce, and they must stop twisting the Bible to appease their conscience. In order to fully understand divorce, we need to look into marriage, understanding the connection between two people. Biblically, marriage is …show more content…
The Bible stresses this connection numerous times, clearly showing a spiritual connection between partners. Since the Bible emphasizes marriage, it is logical that divorce would also be clearly laid out. During the second giving of the law, Moses permits divorce if the man finds her indecent and writes her a certificate of divorce (Deu. 24:1-4). Although the Old Testament was more lenient on divorce, God specifically sets down stronger rules on the legality of divorce. Jesus, overriding Moses’ earlier laws on divorce, says the only reason a man should divorce his wife is for marital unfaithfulness, again reemphasizing the importance of marriage; divorce remains wrong for all other circumstance. Since God stresses marriage and strongly forbids divorce, there should be a clear difference between the divorce rates of Christians and non-Christians. Although clear biblical evidence for divorce exists in specific cases, Christians have perverted those verses to allow more divorce, buying into our secular world, which promotes emotional love and the importance of the individual within a marriage. The American Divorce Reform found that Christians experience equal divorce rates as the general public. How can Christians—who are supposed to be called to a higher standard—commit such atrocities against the sacred union of marriage? Love based on emotion is different than true love the Bible teaches. Emotional love is the attraction between people, the fuzzy
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