Divorce and its effects on family

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Divorce and its effects on family
Kirsten Jackson
University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Divorce is defined as “the formal dissolution of marriage” (Collins, 1978, p. 1). Nearly half of marriages end in divorce. There could be various reasons as to why a relationship diminishes. These reasons could include premarital cohabitation or in other words living together before marriage, marrying at a young age, and finally the presence of children. All three of these reasons are said to be the most significant of circumstances that lead to the end of relationships. To better understand the reasons of divorce, the text discusses 5 different types of marriages. Conflict habituated marriages, devitalized marriages, passive
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However these thoughts stray from the beliefs and values the generations before us had. Marriage was meant to last forever, a marriage ending within 72 days would be looked upon as a taboo subject, and the wife would be ridiculed by her community and would most likely not be looked upon for remarriage.

In past generations marrying at a young age is what was expected. The younger the age the easier it was to start a family, however in the 20th century marrying at the age of 18 or younger can be a huge factor to why couple’s divorce. The reasons to this could be the maturity of the young couple. Marriage is a very serious thing, a person no longer lives only for themselves, they have another person to think about and take care of. The text states “Teenagers may lack the maturity to handle the responsibilities of marriage. Their youth and relative inexperience in relationships also may lead them to make less sensible choice in marital partners.” (Baca Zinn, et al, 2011, p. 378) When discussing this generation especially marrying at a young age can be extremely detrimental to the longevity of a marriage. For example, in earlier generations the women married at the young age of 15, this was due to their ability to bear children at this age, although they were young, the women were still raised to prepare for this time in their lives. In modern society this is not the case, at the age of 15 young women are still looked at as children than adults,
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