Analysis Of Do The Right Thing By Spike Lee

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“Do the Right Thing”
The creative yet simplistic aggression in the movie “Do the Right Thing” lends itself a strength that is necessary in tackling controversial issues such as racial prejudice. Spike Lee, a known genius in the art of film directing, eloquently shaped the story so that the audience is able to see the dynamics of a multi-racial community without holding any bars. Lee advocated for a society that is more open to constructive conversations about social embargos. This movie was a daring platform that shows just how distorted ones opinions can be when clouded with personal and emotional interests.
This paper aims to dissect the movie and how Lee skillfully crafted the movie “Do the Right Thing” in the light of social dysfunctions. Additionally, this paper will also highlight different techniques that paved the way for a firm delivery of the film’s message. Lastly, a careful analysis of the film will specify how the power of films can become instruments of social revolution and progress.
“Do the Right Thing” tackles racism head on through the lens of different characters. The title sequence effectively set the tone of the film as it played the film’s leitmotif—Fight the Power by Public Enemy. It resembles the opening to The Cosby Show that had the protagonist “The Huckstables” dancing in the title sequence. In the show mentioned, Cosby comes off as fake whereas the movie featured Tina with a deep expression of raw anger.
The warm

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