Do Video Games Kill Analysis

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Sociologist and the author, Karen Sternheimer, in her article, “do video games kill?” (2007), argues that media and politicians are quick to blame video games when teens kill. She supports her claim by first talking about politicians and other moral crusaders frequently create “folk devils,” individuals or groups defined as evil and immoral, then both politicians and news outlets felt that video games were the ones to inculpate, also news reports showed little importance to the broader social contexts, and finally dubious about the juvenile justice. Sternheimer’s purpose is to persuade in order to show that video games is not the only explanation as to why teens kill. She creates a professional tone for students, teachers, parents, politicians …show more content…

One of her supporting detail is that due to politicians raising concern that movies, music, and even comic books “caused youth immorality and crime, calling for control and sometimes censorship” (pg.13). “The unlikely team of Senators Joseph Lieberman, Sam Brownback, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Rick Santorum introduced a bill in March 2005 that called for $90 million to fund studies on media effects” (pg.13). With those concerns and with the amount of funds to find the effects of media, there will most likely be a corresponding view with the news.
Also, newspapers focused on video games being the major explanation for school shootings. However, “Some stories mentioned other explanations… but these were treated mostly as minor factors compared with video games” (pg.14). Much less attention were given to the other reasons. While a handful of articles note the roles that guns, poverty, families, and the organization of schools may play in youth violence in general, when reporters mention research to explain the shooters’ behavior, the vast majority of studies cited concern media effects, suggesting that video games are a central

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