Do Violent Video Games Don 'T Influence Kids' Behavior

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Adam Lanza was a twenty-year-old individual with a dream of wanting to become a Marine. When Lanza’s mother, Nancy, told him that he couldn’t be a Marine due to him never wanting people to touch him, Lanza became even more obsessed with the military. Lanza transformed his gaming room into a replica of a military compound. By cutting paper into targets and placing them around the house, Lanza was able to practice his shooting skills with a pellet gun that he learned to shoot my playing video games. Nancy started to worry about her son’s behavior and decided to investigate on her own. Days before an unwanted historical event, she called a friend about finding pictures of bloody corpses of children under her child’s bed. Along with the gory remains, …show more content…

Even before the incident, studies showed a connection between violent video games and school shootings. However, numerous reports produced the complete opposite results and claimed no relation exists among the two. In “14 Mass Murders Linked to Violent Video Games,” Lyndee Fletcher, an executive assistant to the CEO for Movieguide, voices that one of the main reasons for school shootings are from people playing violent video games. On the other hand, in “Violent Video Games Don’t Influence Kids’ Behavior: Study” written by Randy Dotinga, the article announced that violent video games can have a calming effect on children. Dotinga is a professional journalist who is the president of the American Society of Journalists & Authors, a non-profit organization devoted to serving freelance writers and book authors. Fletcher and Dotinga disagree on whether school violence is mainly caused by violent video games. Withstanding the fact of their disagreements on the relationship between video games and school violence, both Fletcher and Dotinga agree that playing games for too long can cause anger issues (not to the point violent actions will take place), and sitting in front a screen for hours on end is …show more content…

Despite the fact Anders Behring Breivik did not cause a school shooting, Breivik shot and killed sixty-eight people at a youth camp relating to the ways of killing bystanders in Call of Duty. Chris Harper-Mercer was another school shooter addicted to violent video games and learned to kill on the internet. Not only did Harper-Mercer share his massacre plan on an online chat room, but the others in the room encouraged him to do it too. After the event, the chat room still buzzed about the killings and even praised Harper-Mercer. “That score, ouch. Not even double digits on current reports,” was one of the online comments. People were complaining how disappointing Harper-Mercer’s “death toll score” was nine lives. The nation cannot ignore the “obvious link” connecting school shootings with violent video games

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