Do You Aspire For Greatness As A Student And Beyond?

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Do you aspire for greatness as a student and beyond? Assumably, many of you hope to go one step further in your academic careers than what is required, which is why you are are listening to me speak in this enriched learning classroom rather than an ordinary one. Another assumption I could make is that many of you participate in extracurricular activities, because of the drive, and the desire you have to go one step further than everyone else. Extra curricula’s have been prominent in the schooling culture since there was a schooling culture, yet many students fail to indulge in their benefits. Extra curricular activities should be made compulsory for secondary school graduation. By making them mandatory, we would realize great academic and social benefits for all students not just the driven ones like yourselves.
Foremost, extra curricular has always been a word that when heard evokes the thought of an intelligent student. This is because extra curricula’s help enhance student’s academic capabilities and performance. To begin, non-scholastic activities teach students a better work ethic, in and out of the classroom. One of Orchard Park Secondary School’s top educators, and head of the English department can speak to this fact. When asked of the effects extra curricula’s had on students that she as a teacher has noticed, Mrs. Lewis said “When students participate in extra curricula’s; quick improvement is noticed in their work ethic and time management skills.” An…
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