Do You Have Research Experience?. Currently I Am Employed

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Do you have research experience?

Currently I am employed as a Biology laboratory technician, through a program called Building Infrastructure Leading to Diversity (BUILD). The BUILD program is an NIH Funded program, which I will be working under from June 1, 2016 till May 2017. Through this position I am a full time staff member at Xavier University of Louisiana and have worked approximately 677.5 hours from June 1, 2016 through October 4, 2016. Prior to this I was employed as a student researcher in the Biology department from June 1, 2015 till my graduation in May 2016. The approximate work hours were 787 total hours. In both work experiences I have participated in Kinesin based research primarily focusing on mutations affecting …show more content…

The poster presented was on the findings and work conducted on mutations located in the Loop11/α4 helix, Loop 12, Switch 1 and Switch 2 regions of KIF5A.

Are you interested in practicing medicine in Indiana?
Throughout my life I have had the opportunity to live in three different regions of the United States. I lived on the east coast, in the south and currently my permanent residency is in California. Living in such areas has allowed me to become more culturally competent. I will be able to use what I have learned to serve large cities as well as rural areas. My life mission is to service underserved communities through medicine. Through research I have seen the need for competent medical care specifically in the state of Indiana. Therefore it has increased my interest in not only attending medical school at Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine but also building a connection with the city and surrounding area, in which I can service the community post graduation.

In which area of medicine are you most interested in practicing and why?
Through out my life I have experienced two close relatives battle with cancer, which became one of my motivating factors to become a physician. At a young age I lost my grandmother to a battle with Multiple Myeloma and while I was in eighth grade my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Through medical

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