Does Holistic Healing Work

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To paraphrase a prediction Thomas Edison made back in 1902, the doctor of tomorrow won't give patients drugs or other concoctions. He will instead concentrate on teaching his patients about caring for the human body, the foods they eat, and how to prevent disease.

The Truth About the Human Body

The human body has an innate capacity for self-healing. But, if the body is dealing with stress or is out of alignment, self-healing is drastically slowed and even halted, while the body deals with everything else. This is one reason why a person in ill health often has multiple things going on. One starts, another follows, then everything snowballs.

Instead of treating the whole person, modern medicine focuses on treating a particular condition or symptom. That is its biggest flaw.
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The answer is yes. Holistic healing concentrates on bringing the body back to optimal health with a comprehensive set of solutions that address the entire person, not just the disease or symptom.

Take chiropractic treatments for example. While most people associate it with healing sprains and strains, it's also useful for treating an assortment of medical conditions like ADHD, asthma, and depression. When the body is in alignment, the body will start to heal
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