Does Managing One 's Life God 's Way Look The Same For Everyone?

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Does managing one’s life God’s way look the same for everyone? Does it look the same for one person now and different for that same person five years from now? I do not believe there is a cookie cutter method for managing one’s life God’s way. Thankfully, God did not create us to be robots, but created us to make decisions. We choose whether or not to live our lives according to His Word. For those of us who choose to follow Him, our paths are not all the same. There may be principles that apply to one person in one stage of life that do not apply as well for another in a different season of life. However, no matter how unique each of us are created, there are laws in God’s Word that outline how we are to individually carry out our lives in a way that honors God. I will discuss these laws and how they apply to my own life, as well as the principles that I’ve applied to my life, that may not be the same principles you apply to yours. Ultimately, God gives us wisdom and discernment how to manage our lives according to His Word and not the world. God created each person and has wired them in a unique way. He does not limit us all to one way of thinking. For me, I used to be what psychologists refer to as a “Type A” personality. According to the Jenkins Activity Survey, a Type A personality generally refers to hard workers who are often preoccupied with schedules and the speed of their performance. I had every stage of my life planned out from my major in pre-med at an Ivy

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