Does New Instrument Technology have Biomedical Application? Essay

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(2) Interesting new instrument technology that could have biomedical application Here are some emerging technologies in the year ahead. 1. Cutting Back on Melanoma Biopsies With melanoma being the most deadly form of skin cancer, a large number of dangerous looking moles are harmless, but it has always been impossible to know that without an invasive surgical biopsy. Now dermatologists have a new help making the right call -a hand held tool approved by FDA for multi spectral analysis of the tissue morphology. MelaFind optical scanner is not for the definitive diagnosis but it is rather to provide an additional information which a doctor can use in predicting whether or not to order biopsy. The goal is to reduce number of patients that …show more content…

The resulting signal stimulate these SPG nerves and which block pain causing neurotransmitters. The Symphony TCGM bio sensor from Echo Therapeutics. Image: 3. Needle-Free Diabetes Care Diabetes self care is a big pain,literally. It brings the continuous need to draw the blood for glucose testing,need for the daily insulin shots and heightened risk of some infection from all that is poking. The continuous glucose monitors and the insulin pumps are today's one of the best options for automating most of complicated daily process of the blood sugar management, but they donot completely remove need for the skin pricks and shots. But there is a new skin in this game.The Echo Therapeutics (Philadelphia, PA) which is developing technologies that are going to replace the poke with a small patch. This company is working on transdermal bio sensor which reads the blood analytes through skin without drawing the blood. This technology involves handheld electric tooth brush like device which removes just the enough top layer skin cells that put the patient's blood chemistry with in the signal range of a big patch borne bio sensor. This sensor collects 1 reading per minute and send data wirelessly to the remote monitor,and triggering audible alarms when the levels go out of patient's optimal ranges and then tracking glucose levels over time. The Tele medicine System from In Touch Technologies. Image: 4. Robotic Check-Ups A pillar of the health

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