Does Outsourcing Data Uphold The Enterprise?

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In a world of increasing automation, companies and organizations with massive amounts of data to manage often find themselves outsourcing their databases. This particular arrangement depends on many factors, such as trustworthiness and reputation. Each business requires different coverage from the outsource provider as well as different costs requirements. Many providers offer cloud based services, in house managed services, near and offshore and outcome-based consulting. Many companies do not have the means or the technical know-how to store, maintain, manage, and safeguard their information. This leads to many companies choosing to outsource their databases as a solution, which is often a financially sound decision. “The external service …show more content…

Many businesses consider that outsourcing creates too much forfeiture of control, less flexibility, uncertain savings and the risk of being held captive to one provider. Some businesses find themselves and their employees a target for malware and many attacks focused on stealing information. One factor that ultimately leads to the decision to outsource is the fact that a business might be better off keeping their valuable information in a safer environment.
Modern database solution providers can offer the latest technology at competitive prices. They are also held to and governed by a higher standard than most businesses they offer services to. Industry standardization and privacy laws can ensure a provider is trustworthy, along with accreditation from respected industry standardization organizations. The most appealing draw to outsourcing is that the information is kept safe and it will be available, even if a natural disaster or theft occurs. This can be enough assurance for companies, especially if they have a solid contract in writing with the provider to uphold these standards.
The storage integrity and query integrity of a database are two of the most important functions that providers can offer, in addition to complex encryption and firewalls to provide additional security in the virtual environment. Each provider can offer a streamlined plan to implement a database solution along

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