Does Religion Plays A Role? Infidelity?

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Introduction Imagine having the same dinner day after day for a couple years. Would you be able to eat it every night? For most people, the answer would be no. There would be no excitement when dinner time arrives, because it would be the same thing every night. The same thing happens to married couples. After being with the same person for years, it isn’t uncommon for couples to get bored with each other, especially when they have the same routine day after day. So it comes to no surprise when infidelity occurs in a marriage. We will be looking at infidelity in marriages from three different perfectives, the sociological aspect, the biological aspect, and the religious aspect. In sociology infidelity is looked at as a contract, with rules and regulations that are set prior or during marriage. In biology, researchers look at the biological reasons people are unfaithful to their spouse. And finally, we’ll see how religion plays a role in infidelity. After reviewing the different perfectives of infidelity in marriages, it is safe to say that Infidelity with married couples changes through the life span of the marriage. Sociology The study of social sciences is different than the rest of the perspectives because it focuses on the social evolution of infidelity with respect to married couples. Overtime, perceptions of marriage in the United States have shifted from a social obligation to a decision based on personal fulfillment (Campbell, K., Wright, D. W., & Flores, C. G.
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