Analysis Of Shel Silverstein 's Works

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In this fun strategy, students use a “phone,” (usually a rounded piece of plastic, like a PVC pipe) to hear themselves. It is effective for building fluency, since students can focus on their speaking. Additionally, they help to keep students focused on instruction. Students monitor their own reading and the classroom is usually quiet because students are encouraged to whisper (hence the name) so that all students can hear themselves (Cadieux, 2012). This strategy is a simple one: practice. The more students practice, the better they will read. At some point, students will no longer need to fully focus on decoding. Instead, they can read with fluency. It is important to select fun books when going about this. Students should want to read their books. Shel Silverstein’s works, for example. The poet’s stories are short and entertaining. Partner Reading is a cooperative learning strategy in which two students work together to read a text. The Partner Reading strategy allows students to take turns reading and provide each other with feedback as a way to monitor (Classroom Strategies Partner Reading, n.d.). Students who are struggling readers work well as partners. They may be partnered with a student who is a better reader, for additional support. Alternatively, when provided support, they may be partnered with another student at the same level, letting them know they are not alone. In this case, a group of three, with the strongest reader in class might be helpful.

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