Doing Some Antarctic Research: Activity

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Sea Turtles
5.10 Honors—Doing Some Antarctic Research—Activity
Type of Research
Sea Turtles are an amazing animal that don't harm humans in any way. And even though they don't harm us, we have done things that are making them endangered. My research will be on why sea turtles are endangered and what we can do to prevent it.
By: Nilsa Lugo
This research will spand out to be about 6 months.

~ On the first month I will watch the turtles and record their routine.
~ The next two months I will reecord what they eat an where they lay their eggs.
~The next two months I will look at what causes them to be endangered and figure out how to prevent it.
~ On the last month I will record all of my data and start a program to prevent this animal to be endangered. …show more content…

Without them, a few types of ocean growth, coral, or wipe may develop an excess of and reason different types of reef creatures or plants to cease to exist.
~ A notebook to record findings
~ A boat to watch the turtles
~ General research on the turtles
~ A camera to take pictures
~ I will conduct research on the turtles routien, diet, and where they lay eggs.
~ Research their surroundings to see if anything is puting the turtles life at risk.
~ Record all of my data.
~ Publish all of my findings.
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