Domestic Abuse And Domestic Violence

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Domestic Abuse Domestic abuse is tremendous problem around the globe. There are different forms of domestic violence, all of which are not acceptable and in some places in the world domestic violence is legal. In the places where domestic violence is legal, it is only legal to hurt your wife. If a woman tried to hurt her husband, she would be majorly punished. It is defined as a series of abusive acts in any form of a relationship for one person to have control over their partner. The three most common forms of domestic violence are physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. Even though there are other forms of domestic abuse they all relate back to these three topics. People find very many ways to physically abuse their partner such as, acid throwing, bride burning, female genitalia mutilation, foot binding, forced abortion, forced marriage, forced pregnancy, forced prostitution, murder, and many other ways. Women are victims of domestic violence five times greater than men are. In the whole world about one in three women have experienced a physical form of domestic violence in their lifetime. Also, about 50% of all sexual offences are on girls under the age of sixteen. Another form of physical abuse is battering. Battering means hitting or punching with all you have on your spouse or partner. One in ten women have been forced into sexual intercourse or other sexual experiences once in their lifetime, most of which occurred by their partner or spouse. Marital rape should…
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