Domestic Battery: Case Study

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In summary, on 12/03/17 at 2027 hours, Ofc. Amilcar #230 and I were dispatched to 4932 W 24th PL. in regards to a Domestic Battery. Cicero Dispatch related information that the alleged offender left the scene in a vehicle (07’ gray Jeep IL Q337255). The plate of the vehicle came back to 1640 S 47th Ct. with a vehicle owner of Guillen, Jorge A. DOB 09/11/87. Upon arrival, I made contact with the victim, who was identified as Manzo Silva, Alicia DOB 10/10/84. Alicia related that she spoke little English and felt more comfortable speaking Spanish. Ofc. Calderon #291 was dispatched to the scene to assist with translation. Alicia related that she has been dating Jorge for approximately one (1) year. Alicia related that Jorge has physical abused her in past on at least four (4) occasions. Alicia was unable to provide exact dates of the incidents. Alicia related on 12/03/17, she had a verbal altercation with Jorge because he thought she was cheating on him. Alicia related that Jorge damaged her cell phone (Galaxy 8) during the verbal altercation. Alicia further related that he struck her with closed fist on the left side of her head, left, and right thigh. I took three (3) photos of Alicia, which were later placed into inventory. I observed redness on the left side of her face. Alicia related that Jorge left her residence in his vehicle. …show more content…

Maria related that she was at Alicia’s residence when Jorge showed up and started a verbal altercation with Alicia. Maria further related that she observed Jorge push Alicia in the chest, while they were arguing in the front doorway of the residence. Maria related that she did not observe anything

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