Domestic System Vs Factory System Essay

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The factory system not only increased the quality of goods through competition but also increased the variety and decreased the price of goods for consumers, proving that the factory system was better than the domestic system. The factory system put more power into the entrepreneurs and business owners hands, allowing them to produce goods faster and cheaper then it could have ever been in the domestic system. As stated best by the Gale Group Inc.,“This enthusiasm for spreading innovations to new economic domains was a further characteristic of the later eighteenth century, and it meant that the industrial revolution transformed numerous areas of the British economy, not just cotton, iron-making, and steam power.” (Gale Group Inc., Industrial…show more content…
The industrialization created a lot of wealth for the business owners and also as a byproduct increased the standard of living for consumers allowing the government to increase taxes without affecting the consumer. By allowing large corporations to mass produce goods, not only were the goods higher quality but there was a larger variety of goods and the goods were cheaper. As a result of this, the everyday consumer could by goods for a fraction of the cost they had before. By increasing the variety and decreasing the cost of these goods it increased the standard of living for all consumers and producers. This is yet another benefit of the fantastic industrial revolution. (The editors of the encyclopedia Britannica, Industrial revolution) As a result of this decrease in price of goods, the government was able to tax the goods more. As a result of the goods being already so cheap, it did not bother the average consumer. Overall industrialization was able to better the lifestyle of both the consumer and the producer well benefitting them as a whole by increasing taxes without taking any extra money out of their pockets. This of course is a great system for any society and led to innovations because of the security and comfort of everyday life. This allowed even more advances in
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