Domestic Violence : A Serious Issue Essay

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In our society today, domestic violence can be seen as a very serious issue among married couples today. Domestic violence can be classified as a violent or aggressive behavior within the home. This is typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner. It can immensely affect the victim 's feelings, behaviors, and mental stability. Based on these three things you can have an idea of what a victim would be going through.
First off, we have to remember that men are not the only people who are the criminals in this particular topic. For the most part men take a huge role in domestic violence, but we can not forget about women as well. It is not very common but women abuse husbands. Lesbians abuse female partners. Mothers can abuse children. This is why it is important to inform the general public that if the woman is the enforcer, it is the same as if a man were, even if the situation doesn’t fit the common idea of domestic violence. There are many ways domestic violence can be looked upon as. Domestic violence falls under the following vast categories; name-calling or putdowns, keeping a partner from contacting their family or friends, withholding money, stopping a partner from getting or keeping a job, actual or threatened physical harm, sexual assault, stalking, intimidation. All of these malicious acts are not healthy in any kind of relationship whether you and your significant other have a title or not. Some may say that emotional, psychological and financial

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