Domestic Violence Against Men and Women

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Domestic Violence against Men and Women
Sandra Marable
Kaplan University
Professor Freiteg
May 20, 2013

Whenever the thought of domestic violence comes to mind, more than often the visual picture is a women or a child. However, there is another side that has been ignored because it is pushed under the rug. The unfortunate fact is that men are the victims of domestic violence at least as often as women are. While the very idea of men is being beaten by their wives or partners runs contrary to many of our deeply ingrained beliefs about men and women, female or male violence against men is a well-documented phenomenon almost completely ignored by both the media and society (Watson 2013). The majority of …show more content…

Guilt most often what keeps the victim, at the hands of their abuser, that internal turmoil that the victim goes through with leaving the since of feeling responsible, the feeling of leaving the relationship and the household, this alone is the underlying reasons behind not leaving, not wanting to separate the household. Self-blame can not be avoided for some of those who believe that they just have not done enough, the only thing that will help is time, distance and healing and too not get into another relationship until they are completely ready. It is estimated that about 3.2 million men are victims of assault by their partner each year in the United States.

However, most of these assaults are relatively minor, such as hitting, smacking, pushing, and shoving, others are much more serious. . It has raised serious questions about “implementation of arrest policies, equivalency of intimate partner aggression across genders, and management of female domestic violence offenders. This study compares demographic characteristics, criminal history variables, and the past domestic violence history of men and women arrested for domestic assault against a heterosexual intimate partner. Using victim reported information and data collected by local criminal justice agencies, we

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