Domestic Violence And Child Abuse

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I chose to do my research on domestic violence and child abuse for many different reasons. As a young woman and hopefully a future mother, I wanted to be well educated on domestic violence and child abuse so that I can hopefully prevent these from happening to me of my future children. By researching domestic violence and child abuse I was able to learn about warning signs, as well as other useful information regarding these topics, such as where to seek help. Also, as someone who wants to be a teacher and who works heavily with children, I am a mandated reported. Therefore I need to know a lot of information about child abuse so that I can know the symptoms as well as how to report it. Also, knowing about domestic violence may be able to allow me to help parents I encounter who face domestic violence. Therefore, I chose this topic in order to keep me well informed since it pertains so heavily to my future career. While doing research I found many interesting facts about child abuse and domestic violence, but there were four that really stood out to me. The first fact is that there is a strong link between child abuse and domestic violence. In fact, most cases of domestic violence occur in households that also experience child abuse. In fact, “for three in five families where a child has suffered physical or mental abuse or neglect, a parent will have experienced domestic violence” (Sadler, 2004). And the perpetrator is typically the same family member. Additionally, “ a…
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