Domestic Violence And Its Effects On Children Essay

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Domestic violence is physical or verbal abuse in the family most commonly used among spouses. Domestic violence is an issue facing this world in families across the world. People should learn more about domestic violence and ways to prevent it in their homes. Researchers have reported percentages of domestic violence in Timor-Leste differ across the nation’s thirteen districts, and are developed higher among urban than rural women (Meiksin, et al, 2015). This problem has many different controversial issues that can confuse people about what the actual definition of domestic violence is.
Violence in a home can be damaging to someone’s self-esteem, can cause children to be involved in such danger, and it can result in a cause of death depending on how violent the situation is in that family. Domestic violence is something that families should not have to go through, but it does happen. “Domestic violence can be associated with mental health issues including anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug dependence, suicide attempts, and post-traumatic stress disorder” (Meiksin, et al, 2015). When a person is dealing with these mental health issues it can be hard for that person to control some of their actions toward an intimate partner. Even though it is hard to control, there is no excuse to hurt someone they love. Negative pregnancy outcomes such as fetal loss and impulsive abortion can be a result of domestic violence (Meiksin, et al, 2015). When women become pregnant, they should
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