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Problem Of Domestic Violence Is Too Weighty Social
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The problem of domestic violence is too weighty, both as public health and social issues, to be content with intervention approaches that sound good or look right based on some conceptual model, but that have no empirical support for their efficacy (Gorney, 2007). Unfortunately, this has been the tradition regarding interventions in this field-many earnest appeals and opinions, very little data (Ganley, 2008).
It is important in conceptualizing interventions for partner violence to distinguish between interventions that are inefficacious and interventions that are harmful.
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The available data suggest that there is a severity continuum of partner violence, not necessarily discrete categories. Those on the high end of the continuum tend to have many complicating issues, including severe and frequent partner violence perpetration, antisocial personality characteristics, generalized violence, and affective instability (Hassan, et al 2000). Not surprisingly, individuals with these characteristics have higher violence recidivism after batterer counseling, when compared to less severe cases (McLellan, 2003). Although it seems quite sensible to steer such severe cases away from couple’s interventions, there is no compelling reason to believe that they will respond more favorably to gender-specific interventions. As yet, there is no empirical basis upon which to recommend treatment matching for various forms of substance abuse treatment based on violence frequency or severity.
It is a popular misconception that intervention programs for domestic violence perpetrators exclusively handle severe cases. Even among those who are court-mandated to counseling, there is a wide range of case severity that can impact treatment outcome (Murphy et al., 2000). Some referrals have engaged exclusively in verbal abuse, phone harassment, or other
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