Domestic Violence : The Rights Of Women

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Most often the term ‘Domestic Violence’, pictures a scene where a woman is beaten up by her husband. But is the scope of the term just limited to that or is there much more to it? Is domestic violence actually a women’s issue or is there something to do with the issues involving the men in our society? Is it the wife who is subjected to such torturous situations or do the mothers, sisters and daughters also face similar situations at home? These are certain questions that need to be answered to make one understand the true implications of domestic violence.
As far as the legal position is concerned, our Parliament has passed an Act called ‘The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005’ with the aim to provide more effective protection of the rights of women, who are victims of violence of any kind, occurring within the family, within the domestic spheres.
One of the major drawbacks of this Act is that it does not extend its protection to women living in the household other than the wife. The only provision they have is the ‘Right to Reside’. Moreover, domestic violence is considered to be a domestic affair and women often, in the name of the honor of the family do not report the violence, they rather prefer to remain silent on such occurrences of cruelty.
Further, this Act does not address the issue of Marital Rape which is a crime. Unfortunately our constitution has not provided any remedy for the victims of such a crime.
This paper aims to find real…
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