Domestic Violence Within Families And Relationships

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Most men are the causes of domestic violence within families and relationships?
This is an investigation into the types of domestic violence that occurs in our everyday lives within families in most cases this is unreported particularly in relationships and families. Family violence is any abusive behaviour in a family or intimate relationship where one person attempts to gain and maintain control over another. Gaining control over the other person is commonly gained through the use of violence which can come in various forms particularly by ex boyfriends, ex spouses, with young women who are separated or divorced incurring the greatest risk of assault. From my research I have seen that domestic violence decreases as women grow older and young women incur 10 times more risk than the older women.

Family violence can take many forms including emotional violence, sexual abuse, and physical abuse (fighting and bruising), social or financial control which involves another person restricting the other to go out for social gatherings or controlling the other person’s funds or not providing financial support at all. Abuse comes in many various forms and it is important to keep in mind that abuse is not only physical or sexual to be regarded as violence. Violence can be caused by either men or women but from conducting several researches I realised most violence is caused by men particularly in relationships and families as most men find it hard to control their

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