Dominica's Immersion Into the Commonwealth Essay examples

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Dominica is an interesting republic in its progression over time from a colony involved in much bloodshed to a, independent republic that accounts for its limited resources through the development of tourism. Despite its lack of a stable economy Dominica is currently on the rise as a developing republic and did not feel the full effects of the global recession until the past three years. (Dominica: Economy) It seems as though Dominica always finds a way to continue on despite any economic or social challenges. Through disputes between colonizing nations, the import of slaves, civil unrest and uprisings, and a fractional trade based economy Dominica has earned its independence and is on the way up as a member of the commonwealth. Although …show more content…

“In 1627 the English took theoretical possession without settling, but by 1632 the island had become a de factoFrench colony; it remained so until 1759 when the English captured it.” (Dominica: History) Battles between the two powers continued to be fought until the French lost two major consecutive fights. The final dispute occurred in 1805 ending in France’s withdrawal from Dominica. (Dominica: History) Following the trend of neocolonialism Dominica then proceeded to become a member of various organizations, earning more and more independence. “Within Dominica, the formation of the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) from the People’s National Movement and other groups in the early 1960s spurred local demand for greater autonomy in internal affairs. Edward LeBlanc became chief minister in 1961.” (Dominica: History) Despite the fact that Dominica achieved independence the state still relied heavily on the involvement of the United Kingdom. Neocolonialism is defined as the “economic and political strategies by which powerful states in core economies indirectly maintain or extend their influence over other areas or people.” (Human Geography, 490) The UK’s power in the defense and external involvement of Dominica is a prime example of how this more powerful country controlled the lives of a state while this state maintained the status of an independent

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