Don 't Tread On Me

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Don’t Tread On Me How well informed are the nation’s people to know what is going on around them? Every morning the people rise up to the duties assigned upon them by the responsibilities that is their families, carriers, and the self. The United States government is endowed with the privilege to operate this nation with the duties administered upon them by the people who have appointed them to their position and with best lawful interest execute the bylaws passed down by the forefathers of this country. So when these government officials are off to work to pursuit a democracy that complies with the rules of the constitution and adjusts accordingly to the ever changing times, we trust that they are not committing crimes against their own …show more content…

The first controversy claim against government surveillance is the issue regarding the issue of privacy. The appeal to respecting privacy is not to instigate debate as to whether what I hold sacred and value is conveying a misguided messages of having something to hide. Having privacy is a privileged right. Privacy does not hinge on one concept or the other, it is both. Laws are in place to outline and respect boundaries, and privacy is one of those boundaries. Even though the issue of privacy is not precisely stated in the Constitution of the United States, there is however aspects of privacy that are protected. According to the Ninth Amendment of the Constitution it states that the “enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage other rights retained by the people…This has been interpreted as justification for broadly reading the Bill of

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