Donald Trump Human Impact

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The world around us is constantly evolving; decisions are made, technology is produced, and nature takes its toll. Human evolution has influenced the development of the earth we inhabit. Quite literally, the human race has coincided and coexisted with the shaping of the world. The human impact has been both helpful and detrimental to the well being of the earth, and in recent times we have been faced with helping preserve the world’s natural resources. Valuing climate change and global warming has become quite highlighted in the media, as it has become politically debated and blungeoned in light of the recent presidential election of Donald Trump. According to the media, President Donald Trump and many of his selected cabinet members do not…show more content…
In an article written by Thomas Frank of The Guardian, Frank suggest that “Many of Trump’s followers are bigots, no doubt, but many more are probably excited by the prospect of a president who seems to mean it when he denounces our trade agreements and promises to bring the hammer down on the CEO that fired you and wrecked your town, unlike Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton” (Frank, Millions of Americans Support Donald Trump. Here’s Why.) It is apparent that Frank’s opinion is biased, as he takes a negative stance by suggesting President Trump’s followers are bigots. However, he admits, “People are much more frightened than they are bigoted,” as Karen Nussbaum, the executive director of Working America implies (Frank). Frank points out an important fact that the President’s supporters’ “favorite aspect of Trump was his “attitude”, the blunt and forthright way he talks. As far as issues are concerned, “immigration” placed third among the matters such voters care about, far behind their number one concern: “good jobs / the economy” (Frank). This statement insinuates that President Trump’s supporters have become blind or forgetful of such issues as immigration and environmental sustainability due to the fact that they are so displeased with the economy and their financial situations. This thought is similar to a section of Tom Wessels’ introduction of his novel, The Myth of Progess. Wessels introduces the concept of a paradigm as a “core belief that dramatically structures our worldview” (Wessels 2). He goes on to say, “we are shrouded and entrapped within the paradigms that we accept–and this acceptance is often an unconscious act” (Wessels 2). One might say that we consciously pick and choose which causes to believe in and which ones not to support, if the issue is of serious importance, especially regarding the earth. Meanwhile,
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