Summary Of My First Swing At A Policy Brief

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My First Swing at a Policy Brief Introduction of Policy Brief Climate change is a monumental problem in today’s American society, as it took center stage in the election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Both candidates had separate ways of going about the problem, introducing contrasting platforms. Hillary Clinton focused on continuing the regulations we have today through the Environmental Protection Agency, while Donald Trump wanted to roll back the regulatory funds considerably given to the agency. Regardless both candidates recognize the importance of implementation of new policies, as new firms constantly take form throughout the nation, putting an emphasis on the combat method needed of flexibility to counter the rapidly changing environment. Without new methods, the current ones put in place by Barack Obama will become stale, destroying the possibility of overcoming the damages that climate change brings to the nation. Hillary Clinton specifically addresses how to use the Environmental Protection Agency in light of incentivizing the use of better technology. She gives a plan regarding many different ideas but has one general claim that is most important to society, as it is a growing problem in the nation, CO2 emissions, and her way to counter it through the installment of half a billion solar panels across the country, using the EPA we infer. Donald Trump, well, he disagrees saying that business should be free flowing without care of the CO2 in

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