Double Killer Research Paper

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The killer is... Mixing it up this time with a double murder. To be honest, I have waited all season to say that... But anyways, I will start with my theory now, so get ready mister or missus killer because I will amaze you with my amazing theory creating skills. Will you ever win? I hope not, but it would be such a plot twist if only the killer will survive.

To pull of this amazing, yet also terrible double murder, the killer had to make sure everything was set correctly. In the game room, there were several couches, as well as a center table with an amazing Frozen Board Game. Let's be real, we all want the ability to control an element, and Elsa was just the Disney equivalent of a waterbender from Avatar the Last Airbender, but as Slade
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At this point, the killer likely brought them into the elevator to transfer them down to the kitchen where the freezer was located. This would lead to their bodies getting signs of frostbite, similarly to how meat kept in freezers can occasionally become freezer burned. Nevertheless, since it is still the dead of night, no one really notices what is happening. At this point, the killer probably took Martha hostage before taking the bodies out of the freezer and setting them on fire by the campfire, explaining how their skin is slightly warm within the morgue (because they were burned), but mostly cold because they were dead for a decent amount of time and were kept within a cold location (inside the freezer). Once the rest of the guests woke up due to the sound of Electric Light Orchestra, the killer quickly went into Adam's cabin to leave the true murder weapon of the CD within it. They then quickly ran to where the bodies were located to pretend to be as shocked as everyone else was. You got me running (run, run), you got me searching, but you are not a sweet talking woman, not even an evil woman, but in actuality an evil male. Tuesday afternoon is never ending just like these
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