Down's Syndrome Research Paper

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There are many vulnerable populations in the United States that have specific needs to enhance their lives. One of the populations that are in need is children with Down’s syndrome. According to E Medicine Health (2016) in 1866 Doctor John Langdon Down became the first to describe Down’s syndrome as a Disorder. However, he misunderstood the cause of Down’s syndrome. The cause of Down’s syndrome was discovered in 1959. The cause of Down’s syndrome is abnormality in chromosome 21 first occur in a person before they are born. There are statistics about Down’s syndrome in the United States that is pertaining to health issues and the amount of children that is born with it. Children with Down’s syndrome need resources or services provided to them…show more content…
There are about ninety five percent of people with Trisomy 21. The cause of Trisomy 21 is when a person has three separate copies of chromosome 21. There are about three percent of people with Translocation Down Syndrome. Translocation Down’s Syndrome is when chromosome 21 is attached to a different chromosome. There are about two percent of people with Mosaic Down’s Syndrome. Mosaic Down’s Syndrome is when some of the cells have three copies of chromosome 21. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2015) in the United States there are six thousand babies that are born with Down’s syndrome each year.
There is not any cure for Down’s syndrome. People have Down’s syndrome for the rest of their lives. However, there are services that
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According to NIH (2014) speech therapy, physical therapy and emotional/ behavioral therapy can be used to improve these issues. Speech language therapy is used for improving their speech. Physical therapy is used for improving their motor skills by helping to improve the way that they turn over, crawl, and reach while they are infants. Physical therapy can help a Down’s syndrome Children improve their walking pattern. The need provided for children with lack of self-care skills is occupational therapy because this type of therapy helps with teaching tasks such as eating, getting dressed, writing, using a computer. Children with Down’s syndrome that have difficulties with interpersonal skills may need emotional and behavioral therapy. Emotional and Behavioral Therapy helps Down Syndrome Children learn how to respond to situations in their life by teach them how to deal with their emotions and developing interpersonal
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