Downtown Chicago : A Large Percentage Of African American Community Members

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Take Chicago for example, Downtown Chicago has a large percentage of African-American community members who are victimized in the city every day. Chicago, in particular, has very high levels of cruel and destruction of property crime, which thus turns into violent gang activity that leads to shootings. These African American community members want to live in a safe, comfortable environment, without their children being harassed by the police. They really just want the necessities that any human would want, “steady employment, educational opportunities, respectable property values, adequate municipal transportation, air conditioning, and medical assistance” (Crank). More importantly, these families want their children to go to college so they can get away from this kind of lifestyle. Community members do not ask for this way of life. These members living under these circumstances do not do so under personal choice. No African American chose to grow up their kids in poverty because they thought it would satisfy criminal careers, or because they thought a life of poverty seemed acceptable. More importantly, these members did not plan for their children to grow up with an obligation to join gangs, and get shot, or because they wanted to go out begging for money for their children’s funerals that they couldn’t afford, or even because they wanted to experience desperation or hopelessness for the rest of their lives. Certainly African American community members did not ask for

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