Dr Dee And The Treatment Of Anxiety Disorders Essay

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Dr. Dee is a clinical psychologist who specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and mood disorders. She runs her private practice in the suburban area of Delilah, Wyoming that has a population of approximately 12,500 individuals. Dr. Dee is one of thirty clinical psychologists in the area and holds a positive professional reputation throughout the community. Isabelle, a 25 year-old woman, began treatment with Dr. Dee after family members recommended she find relief for her feelings of guilt, hopelessness, loss of appetite, and lack of energy. Upon entry of her first session, Isabelle noted to Dr. Dee that she consulted with her doctor about her symptoms prior to scheduling an appointment. She reported her doctor did not find any medical causes of her symptoms and suggested they were most likely derivatives of a psychological matter. Following a thorough assessment, Dr. Dee concluded Isabelle was suffering from major depressive disorder. With her informed consent, Dr. Dee and Isabelle began therapy on a weekly basis. Isabelle slowly opened up about past experiences with each subsequent session. Her sessions were primarily focused on the break-up with her college sweetheart and fiancé; Isabelle never revealed his name over the course of nine months in therapy. She reported they broke-up approximately seven months prior to her attending therapy and felt her symptoms worsened during that period. Isabelle stated they had a fairly good

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