The Anxiety Disorder ( Anxiety )

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A Psychology disorder known as anxiety disorder, is the most common in the United States. In a result of, 18% of 40 million people suffers from anxiety. However, there are six different types of anxiety disorders in the results of stress, depression, social interaction, obsessive compulsive, and phobia. Which characteristic functions as a natural part of life, that can be treated thought several methods. Anxiety is a feeling of numerous of things, whether its danger or a sense of threat and even butterfly’s when becoming nervous. In Fact, anxiety disorder was discovered in the 1980s by the American Psychiatric Association. In my opinion, everybody has had a moment of anxiety, it’s a major part of life. Due to the fact, that life has a lot to do with social interaction and based on human characteristics. Many people with this disorder, feels the need to act upon something. Anxiety, helps the mind get ready or be prepared in certain situations. On the other hand, some people experience panic, fear and even nightmares. This happens when the thoughts in the mind become over whelming. This illness can also just run in the family as a genetic trait. In fact, I think anxiety is most common in women. Especially, women that are pregnant, with all the stress and feeling judged by becoming bloated with the baby and fluids. Some even go through the depression stage after the baby. At the same time, when a baby is born, some babies are frightened easy or their nerves become very…
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