Dr. Faustus Essay: Faustus' Changing Relationship with the Audience

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Doctor Faustus' Changing Relationship with the Audience Any good drama will have interesting and multi-faceted characters; some go a step further by developing some of those characters throughout the story, using the events of the plot to change them in various ways. The audience (in the case of a play) follows the characters throughout, watching as they move away from their originally crafted personalities and become something different. Naturally, during this period, the audience's opinion of the characters will change, as will their sympathies. In the case of Doctor Faustus, it is only Faustus' character that has a large enough part in the play to change perceptibly; the other characters are either incidental characters, existing…show more content…
It is not until he talks about necromancy that any strong emotion is expressed, and the audience is able to read a little into his personality. The sudden appearance of the Angels shows the conflict within Faustus' mind and gives the audience their first opportunity to become emotionally involved with him: as he debates whether to side with Lucifer or God, the audience is there hoping he will make the right decision (which, for most people, would be to side with God). In Scene III, the audience finds itself increasingly frustrated at Faustus' apparent stupidity and blindness regarding the fate he is willingly and naively tying himself to. Despite Mephostophilis' un-propagandised description of hell, describing how he is "tormented with ten thousand hells / In being depriv'd of everlasting bliss", Faustus remains resolute that he wishes to continue with his necromantic activities. To the audience, it seems obvious that he is taking the wrong path; to the audience, it seems as if everybody — even Mephostophilis - understands what Faustus is condemning himself to and that he is making a drastic mistake, and that the only person who does not realise this evident fact is Faustus himself. This creates a certain

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