Faustus Folly Analysis

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I think that this play is an example of a damning folly. The reason behind that is that Faustus is not a good guy. It is also a damned folly because he sold his soul to the Devil and that is not a good thing at all. I think that this play is kind of confusing as well. Faustus said that he could not take it anymore and so he decided to sell his soul to the Devil. I do not think that was good of him to do so. He also said that he would do anything to stay with the Devil. I think that he should have made a better decision when it came to his life. This play was to have specific things about certain things. I do not know what else to think about. I think that Faustus is also a romantic person. The reason behind that I because he was asking …show more content…

I would think that he would have changed so he could get accepted by God and Jesus. That is only one of my opinions too. He would have made a better choice if he had a bigger idea to. I also think that he is pretty good at doing specific things. I know that is one thing. I do not know what else to say. He has an idea for everything and every action he does. He does not do that much now that he sold his soul to the devil. I think that he could have been better. I find it interesting that I could do stuff like that as well. I also like the way that you can do something that makes up yourself. He has pretty good understanding skills too. He is very detailed on some things. I can also say that he is a good person at some times in his old life. I think that this play is a screaming example of a damning folly. I think that Faustus cared more about the devil than God and Jesus as well. I do not see why though but he has his own reasons behind it. He chose his actions as well. I think that he is a bad influence. I would like to learn more about it. I want to find more details about it as well. He is not a good person but he is a great thinker. He is a thinker of choices. I think that he has a not so good attitude. I want to say that he coul do plenty of things that he wants to do. He is a pretty good thinker and a good personality person. He is plenty of thinks but an influence is not one. That is what

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