Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde And Books In The Victorian Era

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Change is the word that most describes the Victorian Era. This era began in 1837 and ended in 1901 (Online-Literature). The Victorian era brought themes such as: "crime, poverty, power, politics, gender inequality, sociality, and gothic ideas" ( Chegg YouTube video). The reason you can summarize this era with the word change is, because many things changed during this era as compared to the previous era. There were more inventions during this period which led to society altering and views changing. Books also helped change the era. Books ,such as Dr. Jekyll, and Mr. Hyde and poems shaped this era. The Victorian Period is known for change; change in society, in lifestyle, and change in literature. The steam engine, along with other inventions,…show more content…
Jekyll and Mr. Hyde emphasizes that within each person there is a fundamental idea that each person has a good and bad side to their life and that what governed their thoughts and actions. The book starts when men bury “a monster” Mr. Hyde.the housemaid of Dr. Jekyll tells the story. Dr. Jekyll was a young doctor than many people loved. Dr. Jekyll started working on his drug that would cure him of his evil nature. Instead the drug only intensified Dr. Jekyll’s evil nature. He became Mr. Hyde, an evil monster who only loved doing evil. At first Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde kept their identities hidden from everyone including the household maids. As time went on Mr. Hyde forced Dr. Jekyll to do many things that Dr. Jekyll wouldn't do including leaving all his fortune to Mr.Hyde in case of his death or disappearance. Many People had learned or seen Mr. Hyde perform heinous acts such as killing. One day Dr. Layon was given a letter with specific instructions that he should meet a man at twelve o'clock midnight and bring certain drugs to a man. He did so and the man took the drugs but asked for a glass. The man who Dr. Layon gave the drugs to was Mr. Hyde. After Mr. Hyde drank the concoction he turned into Dr. Jekyll in front of Dr. Layon’s eyes. Eventually the drug no longer changed Dr. Jekyll back from Mr. Hyde and he became Mr. Hyde for good. This was too much for him to bare and he committed suicide. This book talks about how in each person is an evil part and we try to get rid of it, it will only come back worse. the trick is to find balance between good and
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