Dr. Nash Case Study

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During the course of this trial, you saw how one man solved his 20 billion dollar problem. It was the prosecution’s burden to prove my client guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. As the defense, we carried no burden in today’s trial. However, you still saw that this was Dr. Nash’s problem, Dr. Nash’s plan, and Dr. Nash’s patsy. First, it was Dr. Nash’s problem. You heard how a computer glitch was causing Dr. Nash to mentally deteriorate at work. This glitch was causing a net loss on every car Dr. Nash produced. But if something were to happen to the plant, Nash wouldn’t be responsible for returning that preorder money. He had 20 billion reasons to burn down that plant. Yet the prosecution points the finger at my client, arguing that by some transitive property, it would’ve benefitted Taylor to solve Dr. Nash’s problem. They point to prior crimes my client was arrested for when he was 16 and even 12 years old. They want you to convict my client simply because of his past. They want you to ignore Dr. Nash’s motive because they don’t have one that makes sense for Taylor Edsel. Second, it was Dr. Nash’s plan. The prosecution’s own expert told you how the fire was set: the safeties on the…show more content…
Nash’s patsy. Nash knew that my client used a navy zippo lighter to start his previous fires. You heard that lighter went missing inside of Dr. Nash’s plant just three days before the fire and then turned up at the scene. What’s also curious is the text message that Dr. Nash screenshotted. On the day of the fire, my client texted Nash, saying he was going to the company. Just one minute after the text was sent, Dr. Nash screenshotted it. What other reason would Nash have to screenshot this message, other than to turn it over to the police to place my client at the fire? When the police finally got around to speaking to Nash, he said he was watching fireworks that night. That’s an alibi that can’t be corroborated because Agent Duesenberg never investigated
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