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My first impression of Dr. Vollner was that she is incredibly laid back and easy going. She was extremely fascinating to listen to because she made the material very interesting and relatable. She mentioned that it had been a while since she taught this course. I think it’s awesome that she has taught this course, because it made her lecture more enjoyable. She knew how to present it so that it was easy to understand and digest, and the powerpoint itself was very interesting and detailed. She referenced our textbook, and if I am not mistaken she was the first guest lecturer to mention it. This goes back to her having taught the course before, but it still gave us a place to go if we wanted to find more information on the topic. It just helped tie everything together. I thought it was wonderful that she almost placed herself on our level. She didn’t come across as a professor; she came across as maybe a graduate student. I think it really worked out in her favor. It seemed to help keep people more engaged in her lecture. It made it easier to relate to her and the material when she asked us different questions, such as the example of the spectrums of height and skin color. She used common …show more content…

I was born and raised in Tucson, so frozen dirt isn’t something that would automatically come to mind as an issue during an excavation. It was a very interesting tidbit that helped me open my mind to potential problems that can occur at any time in the process. I found the case study as a whole very fascinating. It took two excavations to retrieve all of the materials, and it was very clear the body has been dismembered. I knew as soon as Dr. Vollner showed the image of the ribcage and sternum; the humerus was cut in an odd place, not somewhere you would normally break a bone. Because I am doing my final research paper on marks on bones, I found the analysis of the saw marks on the bones really

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