Dr. Williams ' Behavior Influenced The Outcome Of Children 's Care

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I wish that I could say that the scenario in this weeks Case assignment doesn’t happen in the American Heathcare system, but I found evidence that proves it happens more often than not. A study was conducted at two Veteran Affairs facilities, the study includes African American and White patients. The African-American patients reported 70% vs 26% racism and 73% vs 53% classism when compared to the White patients, both groups of patients were seen in the same orthopedic surgeon’s office (Hausmann, Hannon, Kresevic, Hanusa, Kwoh, and Ibrahim, 2011). In this essay we will look at how Dr. Williams’ behavior influenced the outcome of his patient’s treatment. How did Dr. Williams’ behavior influenced the outcome of children’s care? Because…show more content…
Had he simply asked the Waleed about their religious practices and what they meant by the “Evil Eye”, he may have had an opportunity to educate and provided the family information that proved to them that the Sleep Study would help find the real reason that the child was having respiratory problems. Even in the case of the Phan family, when the father stated that the mother had taken the child’s medication, he should have asked why she had taken the medication. He would have quickly learned that because of their culture mother often times did this to protect their children. Had he asked more question, he could have used this opportunity to educate the family on the dangers of taking medications that aren’t prescribed for the individual. He could have taken the time to build up the Phan’s trust in Western Medicine, and established a good rapport with this family and their child. Instead, both families left his office in a worse situation than when they arrived. Now, because of his actions their trust in Dr. Williams and Western Medicine may cause them to not visit him or any other Doctor again. The lack of trust could lead to a further delay in the treatment of the children and cause them to come sicker. As far as his interaction with Ms. Reese, he assumes that because this family has private insurance that she understands and will comply with instructions. But Nurse Rita has a valid concern.
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