Dracul Bram Stoker : Vlad The Impaler

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Vlad the Impaler In the today’s world Vlad the Impaler or Vlad lll is viewed as a terrible and cruel person. The only thing most people know about him is that he was who Bram Stoker based his infamous character Count Dracula off of. Although history makes Vlad lll out to be a tyrannus ruler, and Bram Stoker’s Dracula fictionalized him as an evil vampire; His leadership and military strategy prove that he was a just and fair leader. Vlad lll was born in Sighisoara, Romania in 1431 to Vlad ll and the Moldavian princess Cneajna (Snow White) Bathory. Vlads father joined the order of the dragon which was tasked with protecting the christian world from the Ottoman Empire (muslims) which is what is now Turkey. After joining the order of the dragon Vlads father became known as Vlad Dracul which means dragon in Romanian, Vlad lll would later come to be known as Vlad Dracula which means little dragon or little devil in romanian (Goldberg, 10). When Vlad lll was about 12 or 13 his father had to send him and his younger brother to live with the turks. The turks tried to convert Vlad lll and his brother to islam, and they were both trained as soldiers. They were also educated by Turkish tutors and it was here that Vlad lll learned to speak and read perfectly in Turkish. As a prisoner Vlad lll was tough and quick to anger, his tutors often used a whip to keep him in line (Goldberg, 14). In 1449 Vlad lll left the turks and went to Moldavia where his uncle by marriage was the ruler

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