Dracula's Vampirism

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Prisilia: The pod people’s goal and ways of obtaining it are similar to those done by Dracula. The pod people begin converting the entire town of Santa Mira. This is successfully done because Miles, the town doctor was gone from the town on a conference. This gives the aliens enough time to get the towns people turned. However, when the pod people find out that Miles and Becky are still human and refuse to cooperate, they send in their friends and previous allies in the form of Danny and Jack. If it were not for them, Miles would have never opened the door. In a similar way, Dracula uses Lucy and later on Mina to try and deflect Jonathan and his friends from successfully guarding off and eventually finishing Dracula’s master plan of taking …show more content…

We can also observe in this two a depiction of reverse colonization, to the British in Dracula and to the Americans in IBS, which represent the two greatest imperialist countries in the world. Additionally, something that has been very consistent between all aliens we have studied this semester is that, all the stories, reflect the fear and anxiety of immigration, and the threat of the foreigner entering society to disrupt order and degenerate the …show more content…

The other aliens we have studied this semester are very noticeable in their intentions and actions. However, the pod people pose as regular everyday individuals. For example, when Jimmy is crying out for help because his mom is not the same, Miles and other seems to ignore the cry for help. Another example is Wilma and her dad. She notices there is an emotional disconnect and distance between them and when asking for help, she is left alone. Miles goes to observe her dad and concludes Ira is the same person. Over all, the pod people's ability to pass as a human makes them the sneakiest alien we've seen this

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