Drafting A Proper Network Design

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Drafting a proper network design is a critical step in building a network infrastructure that provides top notch performance while at the same time minimizing the administrative workload. Network design should also accommodate potential future scalability issues, ensuring that the network can grow with the organization while minimizing disruption and downtime. The UMUC network design presented below presents a plan that includes these factors, along with infrastructure longevity and security. It is essential that the proper physical medium be deployed to ensure that the signals transported by the medium deliver a strong signal to all intended locations. However, the quality of the signal must be balanced with cost and regulatory considerations. So for the UMUC network, CAT6 UTP shall be installed (with the exception of one classroom and the Admissions office) because it costs less than either fiber optics or CAT6 STP (shielded twisted pair) and is capable of delivering gigabit speeds within 100 meters (nearly every location in the building). The Admissions office and classroom located on the floor above the Admissions office will connect into the network using fiber optics (62.5 micron multi-mode fiber) because the distance to each room from the main IT closet will be just over 100 meters in length. Wireless media will implement the 802.11g/n standards with 802.11b disabled to prevent the network from dropping down to a slow 11 Mbps if legacy systems were to connect to…
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