Dress Code And Uniforms Code

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Have you ever wondered why we have dress code and not uniform for the schools? In the current society, all you see in the schools is a dress code. School that I attend has numerous problems dealing with the dress code for the reason that particular students decided not to acknowledge it. Couple of teachers has to take some time out of their teaching time to send the students to the office for dressing inappropriately. Although they have various problems with the policy, schools remain to enforce the dress code policy. Considering students cannot correctly follow the simple dress code, schools should require students to wear uniforms. Few public schools in the Tennessee require students to wear uniforms. In several countries, schools require students to wear uniforms. For instance, the school that I went to in India required uniforms too. Public schools requiring students to wear uniform will give them a sense of identity, increase their academic performance in the school, and reduce discrimination between the students.
Frist of all, uniform gives students’ sense of identity; it creates a feeling of oneness and belonging to their school. If you gather a group of people and dress them all in a mutual way, they are likely to develop a group identity and a group ethic that has nothing to do with their personal identity or their individual perceptions of right and wrong. All the members of that cluster will put the equal effort in the work. What sport players, cheerleaders, and
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