Dress Code : Standards And Procedures

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Dress Code

Employees are expected to maintain a clean and neat appearance at all times, dressing in a manner that is appropriate for the work being performed. Workplace attire must not serve as a distraction to other employees, clients or other visitors,

Guidelines - Guidelines for proper business attire when reporting to work or when representing Company X. In general, ' 'business casual ' ' is considered acceptable attire. Further, clothes should be clean and in good repair.

Attire that meets the following guidelines is acceptable.

Acceptable for men:

Dress slacks or casual pants.

Shirts with collars, turtlenecks, sweaters.

Acceptable for women:

Dresses, skirts, slacks, pants, blouses, sweaters.

Unacceptable for both men and women:

Athletic shoes, work boots, beach shoes, flip flops, bare feet.

Shorts, leggings, stretch pants, stirrups, sweatpants/sweatshirts, T 'shirts,

shorts, and or similar items or athletic wear.

Compliance - Supervisors and Managers are responsible for ensuring their personnel are in compliance. When an employee ' 's attire is questionable, the Supervisor must exercise first judgement, and will follow the normal chain of command thereafter. Employees who dress outside the scope of the guidelines in this policy may be sent home to change into proper attire. Employees that are sent home will not be paid for their travel time. Repeated offenses will result in disciplinary action. If you

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