Strict Dress Codes

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Schools Should Not Have Dress codes
Between 2009 and 2010 19% of schools required uniforms and 57% of schools enforce a strict dress code. Kids who follow a strict dress-code policy at school are limited in expression. Many schools think by having strict dress-codes are safer and keep the focus on education, but enforcing a strict dress-code many times place the focus of school on clothing and rules, rather than education. Schools should not have dress codes because they become gender bias, they stunt the growth of individuality, and generally cost more.
“When a girl is taken out of class on a hot day, for wearing a strappy top, because she is ‘distracting’ her male classmates, his education is prioritized over hers. When a school takes
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This is especially true as kids get older and can become resentful of an inability to choose personal clothing styles (Neil Kokemuller 1 Feb, 2016).” Creative abilities in tennagers can sometimes be affected by rigid dress code policies. The more restricting the dress code the higher chance that the teen will be negatively impacted. Creativity comes from non restricting things, being in atmospheres where they can feel like they have the freedom to express ideas, create original things, and think for themselves. Strict dress-codes can negatively affect the willingness of teens to creatively engage in projects and they are comfortable doing it.
Now that we've covered the two main reasons let's talk about how much these dress codes will cost families. School dress codes can be financially restricting on a lot of families, especially if they already don’t have a lot of money and are struggling to pay the other school costs. In a personal way, i can understand this, my families never had the money to buy much, so if the dress code was any stricter we would have to go out of our way to buy clothes that would fit into the dress code limits and
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There shouldn't be school dress codes, it would just make the school better. The creativity from students would increase greatly because they would feel free to put their opinion and original ideas out there for people to see or hear. Being a teen myself I know what it's like to feel like you cant put your original ideas out there because they will be harshly judges. When schools have strict dress codes teens feel like they can't be themselves in
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