Dress Codes For The Real World Essay

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Disguised as guidelines for the real world, dress codes hold a significant part in the role of rape culture. Students of the public-school system are told that dress codes are here to prepare students for outside job responsibilities and most notably, to promote self-respect. However, dress codes target young girls by telling them if they are wearing a certain top or type of pants, they are not respecting themselves. This is a PG way of saying that “boys will be boys”, so if they get distracted by your shoulders or legs, then it is the females fault because she should have known to not wear something so provocative. This lesson that has sent home hundreds of girls from school is dangerous. Every time a girl is sent home, a negative message is passed along that the female body is only a distraction and that a males’ education is more important than a females’. As a result of this, I have created WAC. Women Against Codes is an organization devoted to helping young girls and supporters speak their minds and ending dress codes. My organization is here to end the learning of the idea that women are not subject to respect based upon what they wear, female bodies are sexual no matter of the circumstance, and that women do not have a sexuality of their own and if they do, it is purely for a man’s own benefit. We are here to tell not only school administrators, but also society that we need to teach respect amongst all students instead of sending a girl home to create a safe,

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