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If you're ready to use your creative imagination to create astonishing, cool and creative presentations, the Dress Up Die is a necessity. Legions of productions from your own hands, dreamt up by you are available for gift cards, dolls, wedding ornaments and placards for special events. Most importantly, you'll enjoy the process of making your creation yourself, your children or grandchildren. It'll bring back wonderful memories of paper dolls for you while you make precious memories with your children.

Cutting your own clothes out with scissors although fun was the only way to cut out clothes for your dolls. Now, Dress ups die allow all customers to use various types of materials and fabric to make original designs for your crafts. No cutting …show more content…

The cricut makes it easy to make shoes, kids clothes, dresses and skirts many types of fabric. Tedious cutting is not required. The Bigz die makes tattered, gadget gears, and liminary to name a few design dies. The rub on supplies are numerous and add even more to your project. These accessories add color and more excitement to your projects. The starter kit includes the basic die shapes,1 Bigz L die,1 Textured Impressions Plus Embossing Folder, and three sheets they are Dots, and the Cardstock from Craft Asylum. This instrument measures 15 3/4" x 11 3/4" x 7 1/2" and features a three-year limited warranty. The 3 year warranty covers any manufacturing or defects in your authentic Sizzix brand.

The Originals die fit the Big Shot, BIGkick. The original Sizzix dies allow customers the flexibility and creativity to beautify and add to the beauty of each project. Your projects benefit from this die because they cut succinctly without tearing your cardboard or pulling the material you use. Dies help you make your own creations. The die makes the most adorable clothes for your project. This die weighs about 1/2 a pound and is easily carried in a bag or cart. You can also store the die on a bookcase or

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