Drew Awoke In A Cold Sweat. He Had Had The Same Recurring

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Drew awoke in a cold sweat. He had had the same recurring dream, night after night. In his dreams, he awoke in a church, or at least he assumed it was church from his many personal visits. Black and white squares tiles plastered the walls like interconnecting dominos. The walls were bare, with no windows in sight, which made the gold and black coffin at the front stand out. He stood by the door behind the rows of pews filled with creepy figures donned in black and wore pasty white smiling masks. His skin crawled every time he looked at their faces or the lack of them. The masks latched to their faces as though they were one of the same, with the mask’s edges that edged into their skulls. Time was a weird and volatile thing in Drew’s dream …show more content…

This included his father’s return from a long business trip, birthdays, Christmas or Easter, or when she had annual leave. The reason was a mixture of two. Drew 's Dad returned from a month-long trip and it was already school Christmas holidays. Over breakfast, Drew’s dad caught up with Drew and the thing that replicated Asher. Asher’s Reproba was distinctly accurate. The illusionary puppet did all that it was programmed to do, but Drew could never be fooled. None that was aware believed. Instead of filling a hole, it was a cold reminder of what had happened the past week. No matter how much the Rebroba attempted to act like Asher, it could never be the real Asher. Drew wished his parents noticed so he wouldn’t have to lie anymore, but none did. Although, his mum frequently asked if Asher was alright as something was different. The previous night, before his dad flew in, Drew woke to his mother’s quiet cries. He did not know the reason. He did not ask. At the breakfast table, Drew’s mum looked at both Drew and Asher’s Reproba as if she searched for something.
“Are you two alright,” Mum said. “You’ve been acting extremely weird.”
“Yeah,” Drew said. “Why wouldn’t we be?”
“I hope you haven’t gotten yourselves mixed in something and you’re being safe.”
“Honey,” Dad said, placing his hand over Mum’s own. “We know our boys. They’re not

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