Personal Narrative On Louis

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Seventeen Years The pink glittery ink shined on the napkin against Louis’s dark blue ink. The I’s were dotted and the T’s were crossed. The deal was that if Louis and I were still single when we were thirty then we would marry each other. Louis had recently turned thirteen, so he was afraid of being alone forever. His pimpled face was one that the girls around us did not find attractive. My braces were almost as repelling as the cat graphic t-shirts my mom bought me.
“Do you really think we will be old and single?” I asked Louis. I was wild with fear. I didn’t want to be alone forever.
“No, you are cute. I think you will have a husband by the age of twenty.” Louis’s cheerful voice shouted next to my ear.
“You kiddos are funny. Marriage is a big step, and you have to actually love the person you are with.” Louis’s mom chuckled at how simple our minds were.
“Mom, I know what love is. I am a man now.” Louis scoffed, making his mom kiss his head.
I managed to stay close to Louis during our childhood. The both of us slowly started to transition into actual people. I lost the braces, Louis lost the pimples, and we both started to dress like kids our age. Louis was handsome; he always had this long hair that he straightened every morning. He told the girls that he didn’t do his hair, but I knew otherwise. Louis had many girlfriends in …show more content…

What did Louis look like? What if he didn’t want to date me once he saw me? I just got out a relationship, what if that bothers him? My fingers fold, and shake as I wait. The minute I saw him, I was shocked. Puberty hit Louis in college, and he was handsome. He had shaggy brown hair, scruff on his jaw, and cheekbones that were more structured than my life. He was still small, but he looked fit. His thin lips spread into a smile the instant his blue ocean eyes meet mine. The black ink on his tan arms makes me swoon. Louis had grown up to be the type of man I wanted to be

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